4100 Metric to Inch Conversion – CNC

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Product Description

This kit includes everything needed to convert a metric model 4100 CNC lathe to an inch model 4000 CNC lathe

Part No. Description Quantity
40050 Crosslide Handwheel 1
40080 Leadscrew Handwheel 1
40170 Saddle Nut 1
40370 Leadscrew Support 1
40890 Slide Screw Insert 1
4111A Tailstock Assembly 1
44211 Crosslide Leadscrew 1
67024 Bed Leadscrew 1
67106 CNC RH Coupling Preload Nut 1

The MASSO G3 CNC controller, power supply, stepper motors, cable system and optical encoder are sold as a part of our Accu-Pro line of machines and are not available for purchase separately or as an upgrade option to existing machines.