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2.5″ x 1-5/16″ Steel Blank (Chuck Body)


2.5″ x 1-5/16″ Steel Blank (Chuck Body) w/ 3/4-16 Thread

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Product Description

About the 2.5″ Diameter Steel Threaded Blank

Part way through the chuck production process, we pull a few blanks off the line and leave them unfinished. They can be a real time-saver for the machinist who wants to make a particular piece of tooling that threads onto the spindle. The center hole is already drilled and tapped to 3/4-16 and a hole is provided in the side for tightening with a Tommy Bar. The steel is free-machining 12L14, which is easy to turn, provides a good finish and can be hardened if desired.

Think of this part as an artist might look at a framed and pre-stretched canvas. Yes, you could build a frame, stretch and prepare the canvas yourself, but wouldn’t you rather get right to the painting? Our big machines have done the “hogging out” so you can get right to the important part of the job.