3C Step Collet


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About the Sherline 3C Step Collet

The 3C step collet is 2″ in diameter and 1″ deep and is a great tool addition for those machinists using our Sherline 3C headstock. It can be easily machined and is specially designed to hold larger parts.

A 1/4″ (6.35 mm) dowel pin is included with the collet to grip while the collet is being bored to size to ensure the least amount of runout in the finished bore. Once the collet has been bored to the required depth and diameter, it is, in effect, a custom chuck for parts too big to be held in regular 3C collets.

Other head sizes for these step collets may be available. Contact Sherline for possible sizes and pricing.

NOTE: The step collet is designed to hold material only on the face end, not through the collet. Maximum gripping depth is 3/4″-7/8″ (19.05 mm-22.23 mm).


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10676 3C Step collet 1
35630 1/4″ x 1″ Dowel pin 1