Timing Belt 0.25″ Wide

Length: 11″ Width:   0.25″ Teeth:    55 MFG#:  110xL025

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Timing Belt 0.37″ Wide

Length: 11″ Width:   0.37″ Teeth:    55 MFG#:   110XL037G

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Toggle Switch

Replacement switch for the motor and speed control unit.

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Vise Body
Compatible with mill vises made after March 1993
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1/4″ Washer

Inside Diameter: 0.265″ Outside Diameter: 0.500″ Thickness: 0.063″ Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel

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10-32 x 4″ Phillips Head Screw

Drive Type Phillips Finish Zinc Head Style Pan Length 4″ Material Steel Thread Type Coarse Diameter 10″

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Way Cover Origami Polypropylene

Single polypropylene accordion cover for the Y axis of the mill. It does not include any of the hardware. For the complete assembly see part number 5090

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X-Axis DRO Handwheel package
Includes X-Axis handwheel, encoder unit, and thrust collar. Select the inch/metric option to match the DRO handhweels to your machine's leadscrew pitch. All ball screw machines use a metric pitch.
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