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How do I connect my new Sherline/MASSO controller to my machine?

Connecting the Sherline/MASSO controller to your CNC machine is a simple, multi-step process. You begin by connecting the controller to the driver box and monitor (not provided), install the optical encoder, and attach the limit switches. We have provided complete setup instructions with this document: Sherline/MASSO CNC Controller Initial Start instructions
Instructional video link: Setting up Your New Sherline CNC Controller
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How do I connect the optical encoder?

NOTE: Connecting or disconnecting the connector to the optical encoder or the spindle speed grounding wire must be done with all power OFF! Failure to do so will result in irreparable damage to the optical encoder.

The optical encoder installation is included with the Initial Start instructions beginning on page 7. CLICK HERE for instructions.
Instructional video links: Installing the Optical Encoder, and Setting up the Optical Encoder
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How do I change my password?

How to Change the MASSO User and Admin Password Instructions
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How do I connect the WiFi?

Sherline/MASSO WiFi Instructions
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What is the WiFi for?

The WiFi allows you to run your programs with the MASSO controller, from another computer or laptop that has your programs on it.
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Can I control my spindle speed with the Sherline/MASSO controller?

Yes. The new optical encoder and speed control wiring/software allow for spindle speed control using g-code or MDI input. You will also need to replace the potentiometer on the speed control unit with the new speed control cable for the controller to take control of your DC motor.
Instructions: Retrofitting the Speed Control Unit for the Sherline/MASSO CNC Controller
Instructional video link: Speed Control Retrofit for CNC Controller

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Can I do threading with the Sherline/MASSO controller?

Yes. You can do single point threading on the lathe, and you can do thread milling. Our Sherline spindle does not reverse direction; therefore, you cannot do tapping cycles on our lathe or mill.
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I have an older CNC machine. Can I add limit switches to it?

Absolutely. We have developed limit switch retrofit packages for each axis on each of our machines that include the limit switches, mounting brackets, eccentric triggers, and other mounting hardware (click on the link below for complete parts list details). You just need to tell us what type of Sherline machine and leadscrew that you have, and what style column you have. You may then connect them to any controller that is configured to work with our limit switches.
Complete parts list: Sherline/MASSO Controller Part Information and Part Numbers
Instructions: Limit Switch Mounting Retrofit Instructions
Instructional video links: Mill Base Limit Switch Retrofit, and Installing Limit Switches on a Ball Screw Mill
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I already have a Sherline PC with LinuxCNC (or EMC2) on it. Can I use my PC with the Sherline/MASSO controller?

Yes. If you own a Sherline PC with EMC2 or LinuxCNC on it, and you would like to upgrade to our new MASSO system, click on the instructions Retrofit/Upgrade link below for what you need to do and what you need to purchase. Your PC already has our driver box in it. You can use the driver box in your PC and save a few bucks.

If you prefer to put the CNC circuit board into a dedicated enclosure, click on the Retrofit 2/Upgrade instructions below. You will need to purchase the P/N 87655 Driver box case.

No matter how you decide to use your CNC driver box, you will also need to purchase our P/N 8781 Sherline/MASSO CNC Controller. This kit includes all of the limit switches, limit switch mounts, the optical encoder, and other related cables, etc.
Instructions: Sherline/MASSO Controller Retrofit/Upgrade for Customers who Have a Linux CNC Computer (using the CNC controller board inside the PC)
Sherline/MASSO Controller Retrofit 2/Upgrade for Customers who Have a Linux CNC Computer (using the PC CNC controller board in a new driver box)
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Do I need a particular operating system to run the controller?

No. The Sherline/MASSO controller is a stand-alone system. You need a computer to write your g-code programs. CAD/CAM software is recommended for more complex parts. The CNC programs can be written on a PC, Mac, Linux, or any other system, and then transfer your programs to the controller via a USB flash drive. No more having to use a dedicated operating system like Linux to control your machine. The MASSO controller comes with some “Conversational” programming cycles for Facing, Pockets, and Profiles on the mill and Turning, and Threading on the lathe. You can even do some minor program editing directly in the controller interface on short programs.
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Can I use any MASSO board to run my Sherline CNC machine?

No. The controller board that we have made for us by MASSO is designed specifically for our machines. The software and the wiring configurations are proprietary to Sherline Products. The components and cable connections are not compatible with any stock MASSO board that you buy directly from MASSO.
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Can I use a touchscreen with the Sherline/MASSO controller?

Click on the image for a larger view.

Using a touch screen with our MASSO board is possible. However, this is a software upgrade that will need to be purchased from MASSO. Here is a link to their site ( The site also has a list of supported screens. Customers who are interested in this upgrade will need to check the list of supported screens first.
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Does MASSO offer software upgrades?

Yes, they do. The software for each MASSO board is “Board Specific.” You need to know what the Board Ser# is for your controller. Each controller comes with a sheet of paper that has the Board Ser#, User Password, and Setup Page Password on it. There is also a sticker on the bottom of the controller base that has the Board Ser# and User Password.

In addition to the above information, if you have lost everything, the Board Ser# will show on your monitor screen (top right corner) when you first turn on the controller (see below).

You will need your SER# to request a software upgrade from MASSO. They will email you the upgrade. Once you have received the upgrade file, follow the instructions on the MASSO software upload Instructions.
Instructional video link: MASSO also has a video that covers this topic, How to update MASSO core software.

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Are there instructions on how to program the Sherline/MASSO controller?

Yes. The instructions give a list of supported G- and M-codes, related Sherline video links, and sample programs.
Instructions: Sherline/MASSO Controller Programming

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Does the Sherline/MASSO controller work with the Sherline Chucker Lathe?

Yes, and we have created a document that shows you the basic steps you will need to do in order to set your tool offsets. This document includes additional comments and information that are specific to our CNC Chucker Lathe.
Instructions: Sherline/MASSO Chucker Lathe Tool Calibration

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Can I use a multi-port USB hub connector to use my wired USB mouse and keyboard?

No. You cannot use a multi-port USB hub connector in either of the USB ports to operate your old, USB-wired mouse and keyboard. The software in the MASSO controller is designed to take single-source information only from each of the USB ports. A multi-port connector will not work. You must use a wireless USB dongle, plugged into the AUX USB port, for your peripherals.

Please note that Sherline does not supply the wireless mouse, keyboard, or dongle. There is only one USB port for your mouse and keyboard. Make sure you buy a wireless mouse and keyboard set.

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