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Other Sherline Products

Sherline Hydraulic Estimating Scales

(Click on photo to get more details on either scale.)

Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale

The fast and easy way to measure tongue weight for safer towing. Just place under ball receiver or under jack stand to measure tongue weight directly in pounds. Gages reading to 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs and 5000 lbs are available. Load your trailer properly and tow with confidence. Click HERE or on the photo for more details.

Sherline Suspended Hydraulic Scale

Here's a simple and economical suspended scale that has many uses around the shop, farm and in industry. It's great for loading heavy items for shipping to come up with an approximate manifest weight. Also used to weigh power poles, hay bales, barrels of recycled material  or to test-pull elevator and winch cables . Weigh anything up to 5000 lbs that you can pick up with a block and tackle or forklift. It works horizontally too for pull tests. A spring-loaded safety clip is included on each forged steel hook. Accuracy to 2% at mid-range on the gage is sufficient for most estimating purposes. A 2000 lb gage is also available. Click HERE or on the upper photo at the left for more details.

5C CNC Pneumatic Indexer, P/N 88000

Designed for use on a full-size Bridgeport type mill with a high quality 6" angle lock vise, the new indexer allows for quick setup and takedown of an indexing setup. Though based on the programming of the 8700 4" rotary table, it includes a heavy duty, enclosed stepper motor with an encoder to assure position. (Click on photo above to view a larger image.)

(Designed for use on full-size milling machines, not miniature machine tools.)






5C CNC Pneumatic Indexer (For use on Bridgeport mills with 6" angle lock vise.)

56 lb


View a YouTube Video about the indexer... CLICK HERE

The 15-minute video explains not only the features of the indexer, it also shows how our foreman, Karl Rohlin uses it to build a 7-hole tool holder. This is a project that would be time consuming and prone to errors on a standard indexer, but is handled in quick order with the Sherline 5C indexer. The quick changeover time is also demonstrated.

About the 5C CNC Pneumatic Indexer...

Years ago, while setting up to do an indexing job on some round stock in the Sherline factory, Joe Martin found that he had to remove the vise from his mill, clamp and indicate in a 5C manual indexer, do a single machining operation and then remove the indexer, lift the heavy vise back into position and indicate it back in again. This cost about 45 minutes of setup time for one simple indexing operation. It occurred to him that the jaws of his high quality Kurt® angle lock vise were capable of clamping a plate precisely in place, and the vise was already on the mill. What he needed was an indexer that could be held either vertically or horizontally in the vise. To speed up the process even more, the 5C collet should be able to be opened and closed with the push of a button and the indexing process controlled by a simple, programmable electronic keypad. He set about designing and patenting just such a product, and it is now ready for introduction to the machine tool market.

The hardened steel indexer plate can be held vertically or horizontally in precise alignment in a high quality 6" angle lock vise. Grooves in the plate register with the jaws in the horizontal position. (Click on either photo to view a larger image.)


  • Center height in the vertical position 4.50″

  • Overall height in the vertical position 7.90″

  • Overall length 7.9″

  • Overall width of the body 6.0″

  • Overall width, body and stepper motor 15.0″

  • Overall height in the horizontal position 4.6″

  • Controller cable length 48″

  • Worm Gear ratio 72 : 1

  • Maximum rotating speed 41°/sec

  • Positioning accuracy ± .006°

  • Spindle concentricity 0.0004″

  • Perpendicularity, body to spindle 0.0008″

  • Stepper Motor holding torque 198 ozf.in (1400 mNm)

  • Net weight (indexer and cable only) 26 lb

  • Maximum air pressure: 125 PSI (Use pop-off valve on air supply that exceeds 125 PSI)

  • Shipping weight 56 lb


  • Can be held in a 6″ Kurt®-type angle lock style vise in either vertical and horizontal position

  • Rotation speed can be set from one degree per second to 41° per second. (Note that the higher speeds do not have much power and should only be used for positioning the spindle quickly, not for cutting operations.)

  • Controller uses "ramping" to accelerate and decelerate during each movement. You can enter the minimum and maximum speeds used to suit your work. (The amount of ramping becomes more noticeable when the slow feed is set below 5 in the Settings mode.)

  • Controller allows a programmable amount of backlash compensation

  • Indexer designed, patented, manufactured and assembled in the USA

  • Body is 4140 steel, hardened and ground

  • Spindle is case hardened steel

  • Indexer has a precision hobbed gear and worm that are made from different metals to prevent galling and ensure long life

  • T.I.R of spindle nose is .0004″ or less

  • Spindle zero collar on the spindle is easy to adjust and read with marks at 1° increments

  • Manual adjustment knob is marked in 1/10° increments

  • Red Emergency Stop button

  • Green Cycle Start button

  • In-line oiler for air included

  • Stock up to 1-1/16″ in diameter can be fed through spindle

  • Uses the most popular size collet in the world—5C

  • Pneumatic collet clamping system

  • Stand-alone cnc controller is easy to operate and easy to program

  • Rotational position verified by an encoder

  • System will shut down automatically if a positioning error occurs

  • 90-day limited warranty

NOTE: This indexer is not intended to be flooded with coolant.



(The same as our printed instructions. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view.)

Call for information or to order.


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