The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 70, March 18, 2014


New Product Spotlight

• Coming Soon! Mill Y-axis Leadscrew Cover

To keep chips off the Y-axis leadscrew behind the table, a brass tube is being added to all new Sherline milling machines.

Chips falling on the lubricated leadscrew behind the table can sometimes be drawn into the slide screw insert. The front half of the leadscrew is more easily maintained with a chip brush. To prevent this problem in the future, Sherline is adding a brass tube leadscrew cover that extends through the mill column base on all manual and CNC mills. This will involve relocating the column base holes to a side-to-side orientation on the 5000- and 5400-series mills. On the 2000-series mills it will just involve adding the clearance hole for the tube; therefore, the 2000-series mills will be the first available with this improvement. A retrofit kit is planned that will allow owners of all existing Sherline mills to incorporate this feature if desired. The additional material and labor will result in a small increase in the machine’s price.

This is one of just several improvements in the works as Sherline’s new management team steps in to take Sherline Products to a new level. Look for another new product improvement in next month’s newsletter too.

Sherline Projects

1/25th Scale Hotrod Workshop Diorama/DL

A model craftsman who goes by the initials “DL” makes model hotrods. To add to the realism, he puts them in a setting that includes all the details surrounding them. In this case, a hotrod sits in a shop environment while a welder (DL is a welder himself) works on the frame. All the details of the shop are included from the 55 gallon oil drums to transmission fluid stains on the floor. Parts like the tanks and drums can be made using your Sherline lathe.  Custom wheels, fire extinguishers, funnels, oil cans, brake disks, shock absorbers…the list goes on.

Here are some tiny machined Nitrous Oxide injection bottles. Note the details in the brass valves.

Send us your Sherline Workshop Project Photos

If you have completed a project on your Sherline tools that you would like to share with other Sherline users, send photos and a description to Include photos of setups if you have them. We will publish customer projects in future editions of the newsletter and include the best ones in the Workshop page on the Sherline web site.

Did you know?

Many people make projects on Sherline tools that are what would normally be considered beyond the tolerances of the machines. See the “Extreme Projects” page to see what has been done. is the information web site for Sherline tools. However, you can order factory direct 24 hours a day from our secure online ordering site at Some also find that site easier to search when looking for a specific product. In addition, Sherline offers a line of industrial slides and spindles for building tooling at, which is our Industrial Products Division.

Upcoming Model Engineering Shows


April 11-13, 2014—18th Annual Cabin Fever Expo Model Engineering Show & Auctions in the Utz Arena (Formerly Toyota Arena), York Fairgrounds & Expo Center, York, PA 17404

• April 26-27, 2014—North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) Expo, Wyandotte, MI. Sherline will have a booth there and the Joe Martin Foundation will present its annual award to Metalworking Craftsman of the Year during the show. See for details.

(Send us your show information and we will post it here.)

Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation News

New Exhibits—

Groups Visiting the Craftsmanship Museum in the past month—

See the Group Visits page for photos and details.

Museum Volunteers—Anyone interested in joining the museum staff as a docent (guide) or volunteer machinist in the machine shop, please contact or call 760-727-5857 and ask for Craig.

Getting your projects displayed in the museum—If you have built a project you feel is worthy of display in the museum, contact Craig to learn about displaying your items on loan or tax deductible permanent donations of your work.

Construction Update—Due to a water pipeline installation, traffic to the museum on Lionshead is currently one way westbound on Lionshead starting at Business Park Drive. See our Construction page for a map of how to best avoid congestion in the coming months. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Construction has moved past Sherline Products, so there are currently no restrictions in that area.