The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 63, August 21, 2013


 Product Spotlight

• Videos and Books on Tabletop Machining

Learning machining on your own can be a daunting task. It is a trade that takes years of experience to be really good at. However, even a beginner can create beautiful work with careful work and good advice from the experts. Below is a list of some of the helpful books and videos that offer a good introduction to the world of metalworking in miniature.


Tabletop Machining by Joe Martin (P/N 5301, $40.00) Sherline’s owner Joe Martin takes you through all the processes used by machinists to create small precision parts in metal. Softbound, 350 pages, 8.5 x 11”, full color.

The Home Shop Machinist’s Handbook by Doug Briney (P/N 5300, $25.00) An older book that still offers plenty of good advice to the machinist using Sherline tools. Softbound, 275 pages, 7 x 10”, black and white.

 Machine Shop Essentials by Frank Marlow, PE (P/N 5305, $44.95) Covers the main functions of metalworking machine tools and explains the various processes of removing metal. Many detailed line illustrations featuring tools of all sizes, from Sherline to full-size. Softbound, 518 pages, 7 x 10”, black and white

 Machine Shop Trade Secrets by James A. Harvey (P/N 5306, $39.95) Practical knowledge for all size machine tools from a seasoned shop professional. Softbound, 8.5 x 11, 312 pages, black and white.

 Machine Shop Know-How by Frank Marlow, PE (P/N 5307, $49.95) More extensive and detailed shop knowledge with hundreds of detailed illustrations. Softbound, 7 x 10, 520 pages, black and white.


 Steam Engine Video and set of plans by Rudy Kouhoupt (P/N 5328-DVD, $72.95) Shop master Rudy Kouhoupt takes you through the building of a horizontal steam engine step by step using a Sherline lathe and mill. Plans, instructions and a material list included in case you want to follow along as Rudy shows you how. DVD, 3 hrs.

 Shop Secrets, Measuring and Measurement Tools by Mike Rehmus (P/N 5329, $39.95) Videographer, machinist and editor of Model Engine Builder magazine, Mike Rehmus shows the function of all the main machine shop measuring tools from micrometers and calipers to depth gauges and more. DVD, 2 hr.

 Sherline Lathe Basics—How to Set Up and Maintain a Sherline Lathe by Mike Rehmus (DVD, P/N 5335, $49.95) Another well produced video from expert machinist Mike Rehmus takes you through the safe and proper use of a lathe using a Sherline as an example. Assembling, aligning and turning are covered as well as special operations like threading and knurling. DVD, 3.6 hr.

Sherline Shop Project of the Month

A Brass Model T Board Track Racer/Ken Foran

Sherline machinist Ken Foran has recently published an excellent book on making models in brass. (Model Building with Brass, Schiffer Publishing, $34.95) One of the projects is a Model T race car from the 1920’s. Ken was also kind enough to include a page on Sherline tools in his book.

Ken shows the car at a recent NAMES show in Detroit. (Note the leather stirrup on the side of the car for climbing aboard. This was a holdover from previous “horse and buggy” technology.

Ken originally hails from Canada, but came to the USA and served in the Marine Corps during the mid-1960’s including 13 months in Viet Nam. After his enlistment was up he attended college at the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design. From there he went into product development and worked on many projects that achieved patents and design awards both domestically and internationally. As part of the development process product models would be developed for review by various other disciplines. Ken had under his responsibility the product development model shop that utilized state-of-the-art prototype technology from 3D CAD, CNC machining to sterolithography; as well as hand fabrication.

He first learned his modeling skills watching his grandfather build ship models as a youngster. He started with plastic and wood kits and went on to “kitbashing.” (Using parts from various kits and handmade parts to make models more detailed that available in kit form.) He moved on to building highly detailed WWI aircraft models. He settled on 1/16 scale as a good compromise that allows plenty of detail without taking up too much display room. He has now not only produced a book, but has also made several prototype models for production including a Bell helicopter for Fine Art Models and a buckboard kit for Model Expo.


Illustrations from Ken’s book describe wheels, gears, pistons and other precision small parts made with small machine tools.

The finished car with the “trunk” on the back for tools and spare parts. Though it no longer looks like this, the back of the car is still called the “trunk.”

More on ken

To see more of Ken’s model airplanes and cars, see his page at

Other projects done on Sherline machine tools can be found on the Workshop Projects page at

Shop Tip(s) of the Month

Shop Tips on the Internet

With the advent of YouTube, many Sherline machinists have shared their knowledge in short videos that can be found in a Google search for “Sherline Shop Tips.” You can also search just within YouTube. People like Tryally in South America and ShopDogSam in the USA have produced some helpful videos that show the machines in action and give some useful tips for their use along with projects you can build. For example, see how to make a simple power screwdriver into a Z-axis power feed by Ronald Walters at

If you have a useful tip from your Sherline shop that you would like published, please send photos and a written description to

Did you know?

• Sherline has 41 dealers in 25 different countries around the world outside the USA. See our DEALER LIST for our overseas, mail order, internet and store dealers.

• Sherline’s Industrial Product Division specializes in small spindles and slides designed for use in light production. They take advantage of the large amount of material and extrusions we purchase for our regular machine tool line to make for accurate yet reasonably priced components to build up custom small tooling. Check out

Upcoming Model Engineering Shows


August 23-25, 2013—WEME (Western Engine Model Exhibition), Pleasanton, CA. The show is held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in conjunction with the GoodGuys Nationals Hotrod Show. See for details.

September 21-22, 2013The Black Hills Model Engineering Show, Rapid City, SD. See for details.

Black Hills Model Engineering Show, Next show--September 21-22, 2013, Rapid City, SD. The show is held the 3rd weekend of September each year. See or contact Clif Roemmich at

GEARS (Gas Engine Antique Reproduction Show), Portland, OR area, late September. See New management for 2013!

Estevan Model Engineering Show, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, October (Next show: October 19-2-, 2013 the weekend following Canadian Thanksgiving). For updates and info see

• Mid-East Ohio Model Engineering Expo, October 19, 2013,Muskingum County Fairgrounds, Zanesville, Ohio. Sponsored by Debolt Machine,

• April 26-27, 2014—North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) Expo, Wyandotte, MI. Sherline will have a booth there and the Joe Martin Foundation will present its annual award to Metalworking Craftsman of the Year during the show. See for details.

(Send us your show information and we will post it here.)

Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation News

• New Museum Displays—Daniel “Buzz” Brunkow put on loan a highly detailed ¼ scale wood and brass model of a Cushman “Husky” scooter plus a model 1939 Cushman engine. Joe Bridi donated a large collection of hand made wooden aircraft models by _______ as well as a number of commercial “toy” shop models.

• Groups Visiting the Museum—A busy month!

            July 17th: The Oceanside Widows and Widowers

            July 20th, San Diego Model A Ford Restorers Club

            Joly 23rd , “The Club” a gathering of interesting people from Escondido

            July 27th, San Diego Austin Healey Club

            August 2nd, Southern California Model T Club (SoCal T’s)

            August 13th, A group of local Cub Scouts

            August 19th, The museum hosted the meeting for the Docent League, a group of docents from the various museums in the San Diego Area.

See the Club Visits page for a photo of the groups. You are welcome to visit our museum with your club or group. Call to arrange a group visit.

• New Craftsmen added to the museum site--New photos of Iqbal Ahmed’s progress on the Ford Quadracycle were added to his page.

• New Volunteers

Harvey RushfeldtA Carlsbad resident and retired Telephone Company engineer, Harvey saw an article about the museum, came in and saw the place and immediately volunteered to help us out on Saturdays, our busiest days.

Anyone interested in volunteering your services at the museum, please contact or call 760-727-5857 and ask for Craig.