The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 51, June 15, 2012


Customer Project

1/87 Model Trucks/Joe Enriquez

During the workday, Joe Enriquez operates big trucks and heavy equipment. For a hobby, he makes models of them in HO scale. Like Augie Hiscano and many other modelers who started out building kits, Joe has taken his skills to new levels with each model. He likes working with plastic as a material, but on his latest work only a few parts available commercially are used, and even those are tweaked to add or bring out more detail. Many are now turned from metal on his Sherline lathe. HO (1/87th) scale is a popular size, and a lot of parts and vehicles are available commercially; however, Joe prefers to scratch build models of unique equipment not available on the store shelves. His day job helps him get the details right to make his models look totally authentic. It must be quite a change of pace to come home from a day of operating extremely large, noisy and powerful equipment and sit down to do such tiny, delicate work.

(Above) An aluminum fuel tank being turned on the lathe and the finished tank mounted on the truck frame before painting.

(Above) An air horn being turned from brass and the finished, mounted horn.

(Above) A set of dual tires and wheels turned from plastic. The second photo compares Joeís finished wheel set to the clunky stock wheel and tire that came with a 1/87 kit.

A finished 1/87 truck next to a US penny shows how small these details really are!

You can see more of Joeís work at

Shop Tip of the month

Dual use for 3013 step block hold-down clamps/Hamilton Elliott

For years Sherline has offered the P/N 3012 clamp set. In this simple system, the clamps are adjusted for height using an upside-down º-20 carriage bolt threaded into the rear of the clamp and a T-nut and a 10-32 screw near the front of the slot to pull down the nose of the clamp against the part. The P/N 3013 step block hold-down set was introduced later to offer a more versatile set with a larger range of clamping heights that is quick and easy to position. However, by simply drilling and tapping a º-20 hole near the rear of the step block clamp, a carriage bolt can still be used when there is no room for the step block in a tight setup.

The Standard 3012 hold-down clamp

Drill and tap the step clamp and use a carriage bolt. Position of the hole is not critical as long as it is on center with the clamp.

TIP: When using carriage bolts to support the rear end of a clamp, place a 5/16" washer under the head of the bolt to keep from putting dents in your mill table when you tighten down on the clamp.

Our thanks to Hamilton Elliott for e-mailing in this tip. You can view 65 more handy tips for Sherline machinists at

Product Spotlight

Tool Post Options for the Sherline Lathe

Each Sherline lathe comes with a tool post. The 4000 series lathes include a plain tool post P/N 40180 while the long bed deluxe 4400 series includes the P/N 3057 rocker tool post. Shown below are some of your other options:

P/N 2250 Quick-change tool setóIncludes steel tool post with two dovetailed mounting positions 90∞ from each other and three tool holders: ºî holder, round boring tool holder and cut-off blade holder. (Cutting tools not included.) $260.00

P/N 3002 Cut-off blade and holderóUsed for ìparting offî or cutting off parts from the stock from which they were turned. (Included in lathe ìBî packages.) The rear mount version of this tool is P/N 3018. When used with riser blocks in place on the lathe, the holder can be placed on top of the P/N 1296 riser block for parting small diameter work.

P/N 3003 2-Postion Tool Post, 1/4-1/4óHolds standard 1/4" cutting tools on either side. It can be quickly loosened and rotated 180∞ to change tools quickly.

P/N 3008 2-Position Tool Post, 1/4-5/16óHolds two different size tools for quick change from 1/4" shank tool to 5/16" shank tool.

P/N 3057 Rocker Tool PostóAdjustable rocker allows you to set height of tool tip compared to part centerline. Useful for tools that are sharpened with the tip ground too low. No shimming needed. The riser version of this tool post is P/N 1288 for use when riser blocks are in place on the lathe.

P/N 7600 3/8" Tool PostóHolds both round and square 3/8" shank tools. Round boring tools P/N 3061, 3063 and 3064 can be held on the round side as can round boring bars P/N 2259 and 2260. Insert tool holders with square 3/8" square shanks like P/N 2253 and 2254 or 2256 and 2257 can be held on the flat side. The riser version of this tool post is P/N 1288 for use when riser blocks are in place on the lathe.

P/N 7603 2-position Rocker Tool Post, 1/4-3/8óChange quickly from ºî" to 3/8" shank tools. Rocker adjustment allows tool tip to be set perfectly on center with part without using shims.

P/N 40180 Standard Tool PostóThe basic post that comes with a 4000-series lathe. The riser version of this post is P/N 1289.

Did you know?

ï The microscopes available for Sherline lathes and mills have been changed. While still made by the same manufacturer and featuring the same high quality optics, the magnification has been decreased by almost one-half to give a larger field of view in the lowest powers. A 1.5x Barlow lens is now included to bring the viewing height back up to a comfortable level while still allowing a slightly wider field of view. The included metal base stage is now top lighted instead of bottom lighted making it more practical for use as an inspection scope. The microscope and lathe mount can be purchased as P/N 2125 ($775.00) and the microscope and mill mount are purchased as P/N 2127 ($865.00).

ï Your purchase of Sherline products helps support craftsmanship. Sherlineís owner, Joe Martin has dedicated the profits of the company beyond his living expenses to a non-profit foundation that supports craftsmanship at the small end of the size scale. The foundation awards annual cash prizes and supports both a virtual museum at and a physical museum in Carlsbad, CA.

Upcoming Model Engineering Shows


ï Black Hills Model Engineering Showó12th Annual show, September 15-16, 2012, Rapid City, SD. See for details.

ï Estevan Model Engineering ShowóEstevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, October (Next show: October 14-15, 2012, the weekend following Canadian Thanksgiving). For updates and info see Estevan is about 15 minutes north of the North Dakota/Canada border.

ï Western Engine Model ExhibitionóAugust, 2012, Pleasanton, CA. Held in conjunction with the GoodGuys Hot Rod Show at the Alameda Co. Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA. See for details.

Send us your show details and we will post them hereÖ

Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation News

ï Matchstick sculpture addedóRon Remsbergís latest matchstick creation was added to the museum in May. It is a model of a New York Fire Department ladder truck.

ï Other AcqusitionsóA nickel plated Boley 1A watchmakerís lathe was donated by Thomas Short. A scale model of a James Stewart treadle lathe as seen in the Ford Museum was built and donated by Lynn Hollis. Five high quality micrometers formerly owned by his machinist grandfather were donated by Treaver Kollmorgen.

ï Two Car Club VisitsóOn May 26th the local MG Club visited the museum, and on June 2nd the Hudson Club made it a stop on their outing. The next car club visit will be June 29th when the Corvettes of San Diego car club stops by at 10 AM. If you like Corvettes, come on out and see the free show in our parking lot. See the Club Visits page for photos of past tours.

ï Mike Sheehy RetiresóOur Monday/Tuesday manager, Mike Sheehy has retired as of June 1st. Mike was well-liked by our visitors for his enthusiasm as a tour guide. Replacing him is machine shop volunteer Dave Belt. Dave is still volunteering his time in the shop to work on our current on-going project, a Kinner 5-cylinder radial aircraft engine. Call (760) 727-5857 or e-mail if you would like to become part of the Craftsmanship Museum team as either a museum docent or volunteer shop machinist.

ï Conley V-8 on display at Barrett-Jackson AuctionóThe upcoming Orange County (CA) Barrett-Jackson automobile auction June 22-24 will have a Conley Stinger 609 on display in the booth of auto appraiser Dave Williams (Auto Appraisal Network, Inc.). It will be displayed along with an 11 x 17 plaque promoting the foundationís Carlsbad museum as well as Garyís engines and Paul Knappís on-line engine museum at Be sure to tour Paulís site to see the latest acquisitions to his engine collection.