The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 28, April 21, 2010

Sherline Workshop Project of the Month

Final update on the Ω scale Briggs & Stratton engine/George Biasz

George has been working on this engine for some time, and we covered some of the preliminary steps in a previous newsletter. Now that the engine is completed, we thought you might like to see the final results.

The first photo shows the nearly completed engine from the side. The second photo shows another angle plus the primed metal shroud in place.

The finished, painted and decaled engine sits on its oak stand. The final photo shows the Ω scale engine next to the full-size prototype.

George purchased a rusty, old Briggs & Stratton engine for two dollars at a swap meet. It wasn't worth restoring, but it was complete and gave him the parts he needed to measure and duplicate at 1/2 size to make the model. The Briggs & Stratton "Y" engine was built in the 1930's and was used to power wash machines, water pumps and later on many found their way into kids' go karts. George beefed up the kick starter a little so it would stand up to being used at 1/2 size, because he likes to run the engine often at shows. George has built hit-n-miss, steam and other types of engines as well.

This coming weekend, April 24th and 25th George and the engine will be at the North American Model Engineering Society Expo at the Southgate Civic Center in Southgate, MI if you want to see and hear the recently finished engine run.

Shop Tip of the month

Centering a part in a 4-jaw chuck on the lathe/Edward Ewell

A 1î dial indicator is held in the round hole of a P/N 7600 tool post.

"Here is a nice tip. If you have the 3/8" insert tool holder (P/N 7600), the 3/8" hole in this holder will hold the one-inch travel dial indicator nicely. I use this to center my work in the 4-jaw chuck. After centering, I remove the dial indicator, install the cutting tool and position the holder for the cutting process. I make camera repair parts and the accuracy I need is only obtained with the 4-jaw chuck. I also modified the normal 1/4" tool holder by drilling a 3/8" hole in it as well." óEdward C. Ewell, Klamath Falls, OR

This and more than 50 other helpful tips for Sherline machinists can be found at CNC tips can be found at

Product Spotlight

P/N 7560 ($5.00)óA new cutting tool lubricant is available from Sherline

For those who prefer the convenience of a stick type lubricant, you can now order Nixx-Stikx Metal Cutting Compound in a 2.2 oz stick from Sherline. Price for the easy-to-use stick is only $5.00. Apply it to drills, end mills, etc. for smoother cuts and longer tool life. We are using it in the Sherline shop too.

P/N 1164 WW ($105.00) and P/N 1165 8 mm ($115.00) collet holders for the Rotary Table


The WW Collet fixture is mounted to the T-slots in the face of the rotary table. A small bushing helps align the fixture in the center of the table. The illustration shows how it attaches to the rotary table.

Although they have been available for years, many people still do not know that you can hold parts on center in the P/N 3700 Rotary table with WW type collets. The 1164 (WW) and 1165 (8 mm) fixtures register with the center hole of the rotary table. Collets are closed by turning knurled ring at the bottom of the fixture that pulls the collets into the taper from the back as would normally be done with a drawbar.

Did you know?

ï Sherline is now on Facebook. CLICK HERE to go to Sherlineís Facebook page and become a friend. Kat Powell set up the page for us and maintains the content. It is just getting going, but it is a good place to get to know other Sherline friends.

ï You can find most things you need on our site at by using the black navigation bar right at the top of the page. Even so, we recommend you scroll down to the main menu and look at all the topics. You will find there is a lot to look at on the site and a lot of useful information about machining.

Upcoming Shows

ï The North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) will host its next major exposition in Southgate, MI this coming weekend of April 24, 25, 2010. This is the 21st annual presentation of this prestigious show. See for details. Sherline will be a vendor at this show. In 2011 the show will move to Novi, MI.

ï The next show Sherline will be attending is the Western Engine Model Exhibition in Vallejo, CA on July 10-11, 2010. Hosted by Model Engine Builder magazine and the Bay Area Engine Modelers, you will get far more than your moneyís worth. The admission is only $7 for both days, and you will see a huge selection of steam and gas engine models. Where else are you going to get to hear a miniature Hemi V8 or supercharged Challenger V8 run?

Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation News

ï Young C. Parkís cutaway Corsair is now on display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, where it will reside until April, 2011. We still have Youngís other aluminum 1/16 scale Corsair and his cutaway P-51 Mustang. In addition, we have made arrangements with local model collector Niall Conway to display his spectacular Fine Art Models Corsair for the next month. After that we will be switching it for his P-51 and Bismark battleship models. You wonít wan to miss these.

ï Just a little too late for our last newsletter, the Howell V4 shop project built by Tom Boyer finally came to life March 16th. It is now available for visitors to the museum to see and hear it run along with our first engine project, the Seal in-line 4. If you canít come by, see the YouTube video of its first sounds when you CLICK HERE. You can also find a link to the video on the Howell V4 build page. Congratulations Tom!

ï Another big event taking place only a day before was the first running of Louis Chenotís straight-8 Duesenberg engine. At only 1/6 scale, this 4-valve per cylinder scale vehicle is a true masterpiece. See his first pop video on YouTube when you CLICK HERE or go to his page in the museum site for a link. This engine and complete vehicle are one of the major accomplishments in model engineering in recent years. The model will be on display at the NAMES show in the Detroit area this weekend.

ï The museum was open Saturday, March for the North Coast Vettes club and April 10rd for a group of car nuts from ìDaveís Garage.î We also had a visit on March 26th from well-known race car driver Scooter Patrick and some friends. Scooter was at nearby Riverside Raceway Museum for a weekend honoring Caroll Shelby and other racers who ran at the Riverside track in past years. Visit the museumís CLUB VISITS page to see who has visited in the past. The museum will open at no charge on any non-holiday Saturday by reservation for groups of 8 or more. Call (760) 727-9492 for information. (Ask for Craig.)

ï On March 25th, the Russian edition of Popular Mechanics magazine featured a full page color article on Young Parkís Corsair.