The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 13, January 15, 2009

Customer Projects

Making Titanium Rings/Mark Stone

Shown above are two titanium rings by machinist and lapidary specialist Mark Stone. The simple titanium band in the third photo was turned from bar stock by Sherlineís Craig Libuse.

Rings #1 and #2: Mark Stone is a tool and die maker, machinist and machine designer. He also does his own lapidary work. He uses Sherline tools to make his jewelry, which combine both his metalworking and lapidary skills. In the letter accompanying his photos he said, ìWhen I purchased the milling machine I was afraid that it might be too light and fragile to machine the titanium I planned to use. Enclosed please find pictures of jewelry which I have machined from solid titanium bars and sheet. The faceted stones are primarily cubic zirconia. The blue stone in the man's ring is lapis lazuli. I do my own lapidary work and the Sherline mill is very useful in making special tools.î

Ring #3: The simple grooved titanium ring in the third photo was turned from 1" round stock purchased on eBay. A 3" long piece of stock costing less than $20 will make 3 or 4 rings. If you price titanium rings in a jewelry store you will find they sell for several hundred dollars each, but you can easily make one yourself on your Sherline lathe in an hour or two. Craig Libuse used a 1/2" TiN coated drill bit (3/8 shank), a P/N 2259 boring bar with 80∞ carbide insert and a P/N 2258 set of LH and RH carbide insert holders with 55∞ inserts. It has been worn every day for several years with little sign of wear.

NOTE: Take proper precautions when machining titanium. Like magnesium, small chips can be ignited with a spark and should not be allowed to build up in the work area.

See for these and other projects by Sherline machinists.

Shop Tip of the month

Using the 7600 tool post as an indicator holder/Dan Pines

The tip of the dial indicator extends through the3/8" round hole on the P/N 7600 tool post to contact the material in the chuck right on the part centerline.

Dan Pines, Sherlineís dealer in Israel sent in the above photo and the following tip:

ìThe P/N 7600 3/8" tool holder is very versatile, and I have found several uses for itófrom holding an end mill to boring work to assembling a dividing head on it. Another convenient use is for holding an indicator. The shaft diameter of my particular indicator is 8 mm. I made a sleeve, slit lengthwise to fit over its shaft and into the 3/8" bore of the tool holder. It is especially convenient for indicating along the length of the work.îóDan Pines

This and other handy tips can be found on the TIPS page at

Product Spotlight

NEW PRODUCTS! Sherline CNC Lathe and Mill Videos on DVD

P/N 5340 (Lathe) and P/N 5345 (Mill) Videos on DVD, $27.95 each (Click on either underlined part number for more information on each video.) has just completed two introductory videos showing the setup and use of the Sherline CNC lathe and mill. Each is directed to the first-time CNC user and includes safety tips, machine assembly and alignment instructions plus the cutting of a simple project using g-code. The lathe video runs 44 minutes and the mill video runs 53 minutes. If you have been worried about the learning curve involved in getting into CNC, these videos will help ease you into the process with simple, straightforward instructions and examples. These are the first of a series of videos now in production by that will bring a complete range of instructions to those who prefer visual to written tutorials. You can go to and do a search for ìMakeCNCî to see sample scenes from these videos.

Here are some other instructional videos that are already available from Sherline:

P/N 5328ñBuilding a Steam Engine by Rudy Kouhoupt. Includes plans and material list to build your own engine as you follow along with an expert. (3 Hr., DVD $72.95, VHS tape $69.95)

P/N 5329ñShop Secrets, Measuring Tools by Mike Rehmus (2 Hr., DVD $39.95)

P/N 5335ñSherline Lathe BasicsóHow to Set Up and Operate a Sherline Lathe by Mike Rehmus. Details use of the Sherline manual lathe and several popular accessories. (3.6 Hr., DVD $49.95,)

Did you know?

ï On December 28th, 2008 Sherlineís web site saw its two millionth visitor since we added a counter to the home page in April, 2000.

ï PowerPointÆ slide shows on the various Sherline machines are available on the home page at

ï You can save 20% on up to four new products on this monthís Internet Special. What are they? See to find out.

ï Sherline makes a variety of industrial slides and spindles based on our standard components. See for our Industrial Products Division.

Upcoming Shows

ï NAMES (North American Model Engineering Society) Expo, April 18-19, 2009, Toledo, Ohio. ( The Sherline Machinist Challenge Contest is held at this show each year, and the Joe Martin Foundation presents its award to the Metalworking Craftsman of the Year as well. Lathe demos by Jerry Kieffer will once again be featured at the Sherline booth. Come by the booth and ask about our ìShow Specials.î

Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation News

ï Richard Carlstedt of Green Bay, WI has been selected as the 2009 Metalworking Craftsman of the Year. He will receive his award and a check for $2000 at the NAMES show in April and joins the twelve previous winners who share this honor. See Richardís page at

ï The newest addition to the on-line museum is Jerry Brown. Jerry built a fully operational 1/6 scale steam powered crane. His page features photos and an article by Jerry recently published in Australian Model Engineer magazine describing the project.

ï Thanks to a front page article December 11th in our local free paper, The Community Paper, the museum has experienced a recent jump in attendance. You can view the archived article at Our thanks to editor Lyle Davis for doing such a fine job.