The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 7, July 15, 2008

Customer Projects: A BB-firing Gatling Gun Model by Michael Gegere

   A ruler shows the small size of the barrel mechanism—only about 10" long.

This beautifully finished Gatling gun fires #7-1/2 birdshot about 20 feet. The carriage features hand made wooden wheels and details like a screw elevation adjustment. The vertical gravity feed clip holds 60 shots. The wooden display base is about 14" long. A Plexiglas cover keeps dust off the display.

More on this and other gun projects can be found at Additional projects built on Sherline machine tools can be found on the Workshop page at

New Products

 The Shop Secrets—Measuring video  is now available on DVD.

P/N 5329-DVD Shop Secrets video now on DVD—The Shop Secrets video by Mike Rehmus covers how to use and maintain measuring tools in your metalworking shop. Up until now it has only been available in VHS tape format. Mike has now released the 112-minute video on DVD. We are now out of the VHS versions and they will no longer be offered. If you’ve been waiting for it to come out on DVD, now is your chance. Order P/N 5329-DVD ($40.00—same as before). This video makes a great companion to Mike’s recently released video on set-up and use of the Sherline lathe (P/N 5335, $49.95).

Shop Tip of the Month—4-jaw Chuck Spacer Plate by Allan Marconett

  The chuck plate with slots for the chuck jaws. Photo 2 shows the parts being held, and Photo 3 shows some finished parts.

Problem: How do you keep small parts flat, parallel to the chuck surface and not let them fall into the chuck while you tighten the jaws? Here’s a good way to solve those problems from Allan Marconett. (See also for more photos.)

Cut a plate out of aluminum to allow small parts to be machined while being held in the Sherline 4-jaw chuck. The example photos show a brass slide valve being machined, with packing all around. The plate gives a flat support, the slots allow the jaws to get in close to the stock being machined.  Holes can be drilled or machined through the plate, as it is expendable.

The plate is a simple 2" x 2" square of 1/8" thick aluminum plate (could be round!) that may be cut out with a bandsaw. Notches in the support plate keep small parts from falling into the chuck during setup. It gives a smooth, parallel support for small parts held in the chuck. Size is unimportant, and thickness can be changed to fit needs. 0.350" slots are cut in from three sides to clear the width of a jaw. Allan leaves about a 5/8" square of material in the center. You can leave less if needed for smaller parts. A three-jaw version could also be made with slots 120° apart.

Web site facts

When you visit the home page at, below the introductory photo, some brief descriptive copy and the Google search bar you will see the MAIN MENU section. It is divided into four major sections to help you find the information you want quickly. They are:

·        Section 1: Machines, Accessories and Company Information—This section includes links to information about the tools and how to use them, such as specifications, instructions, exploded views, videos of the machines in action and help on adjustments and maintenance as well as contact information.

·        Section 2: Prices and Dealers—Contains links to price lists for machines, packages, accessories, replacement parts and cutting tools. There is also a dealer list divided into “Stocking Dealers” who keep machines on hand for customers to see, regular dealers, mail order dealers and e-commerce (web) dealers. At the end is the “International Dealers” section for dealers from around the world.

·        Section 3: Other Sherline Products—Did you know Sherline made trailer and hanging hydraulic scales, EZ-Read Bridgeport mill dials or a line of industrial slides and spindles? Learn about them here.

·        Section 4: Items of interest to Sherline owners and machinists—Shows, clubs, resources for machinists, tips, terminology, projects (manual and CNC) and Frequently Asked Questions pages offer a broad range of knowledge on how to use your tools and fun things you can make.

Coming Events

• Shortly after this newsletter is mailed, Craig will be off to attend the Western Engine and Model Engineering  (WEME) show in Vallejo, July 19 and 20, 2008. See their web site at for details. We will have some factory second lathes on sale at the show in addition to some special prices only for those who attend the show.

• Sherline is considering attending the regional National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) to be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California in November. We’d like to hear from members of the NAWCC to find out how many will be attending and if you’d like to see Sherline tools represented there. It would be a new show for us. We are talking to Jerry Kieffer about attending to give demonstrations of the tools.

Joe Martin Foundation News

The special Saturday open house held June 28th was a success, bringing in a number of people who could not visit the museum during our regular weekday hours. A number of senior groups from local retirement communities have also discovered the museum and are bringing group tours filled with retired craftsmen. The recent addition of 51 internal combustion engine models from the collection of Paul and Paula Knapp has been a large part of the attraction for visitors.
• An electric stair lift chair has been added to the museum so that handicapped visitors can now have access to the major displays on the second floor.