The Sherline Miniature Machinist's Newsletter

Number 1, January 15, 2008


We are kicking off 2008 with the first issue of the Sherline Newsletter. We have had many requests for such a newsletter or to be added to a mailing list over the years, and the e-mail format seemed to be the best way to keep everyone informed. We hope users of Sherline machine tools will find it fun, useful and informative. Included will be tips, projects, new product news and more. We plan to send one out about the middle of each month.

Craig Libuse

Marketing Director


Featured Project:

Watch case and crown by Marc-André Lemieux

  Watch cases by Marc-André Lemieux

Marc-André Lemieux had the following to say in an e-mail that included photos of his work:

"I got a Sherline lathe and a Sherline mill a few months ago. I enjoy very much experimenting with them, and here is a watch case (including the crown) and a dial that I made using both tools. The mechanical movement was embellished with the help of the mill. The hands are done by hand and blued by heating. It's great fun!"

Marc-André’s watch case project is not only practical, but it is also a great way to show off your work. You will always have a sample of what you do on your wrist to show your friends.

You can see this and all the other projects in the Sherline Workshop at

Sherline factory adds four CNC lathes

 One of the new Mazak CNC machines added to Sherline's factory

Four Mazak CNC lathes were recently added to the Sherline factory shop floor. Three new Nexus 100 II’s and a Nexus 250 II (shown) joined a near-new Nexus 250 II that was put in service a few months ago. The investment of several hundred thousand dollars is in keeping with Sherline’s goal of constantly upgrading the shop’s capabilities to assure future production quality. After over 33 years of production, the lathes and mills we are turning out today are the best and most accurate we have ever made, and these additions help assure this will be the case well into the future. Visitors to the Sherline factory Monday through Friday can take a tour through the plant to see Sherline tools being manufactured in person, or you can enjoy a photo factory tour on the Sherline web site at

Sherline testcut videos now on the web site

Videos show various materials being cut on a Sherline lathe

See and hear materials from Delrin and wood to Titanium and even Inconel being cut on a Sherline lathe. Fred Smittle, our technical consultant and a former tool and die maker puts the lathe through its paces. You will see high speed steel, carbide and ceramic tools at work. The 30-second or so videos load quickly and are available in both WMV (Windows) and MPEG (cross-platform) formats. There is also a demonstration of tool “chatter” and how to eliminate it. It’s like seeing one of our trade show or factory showroom demonstrations right on your own computer and is a great way to learn how capable these small machines really are. The page address is

New Products:

Microscope with mounts for lathe or mill

   The scope is shown mounted on a lathe, a mill and by itself as a stand-alone inspection microscope.

For those who work on extremely small parts, for those whose eyesight is not up to par or for those who work on very expensive parts where you can’t afford to make a mistake, being able to see what you are doing is critical. Sherline now offers a high quality stereo microscope and a way to mount it to either the lathe or the mill, so you can see what you are doing right down to the tiniest thread form or hole center placement. The microscope with lathe mount is P/N 2125 ($775.00) and the scope with a mill mount is P/N 2127 ($865.00). The mounts can also be purchased individually without the scope as P/N 2126 and 2128. The sturdy Russian built scope features optics of a quality you would only expect in a much more expensive European scope. It can also be used without the mounts as a stand-alone inspection scope and has powers from 5x to 100x, a lighted stage and vinyl cover. Sherline also adds a filter kit to protect the lens from flying chips and coolant.

Did you know?

• Each month Sherline offers a selected product at a 20% discount. To order from our factory direct e-commerce site, see our “Internet Special” each month to save money on your favorite accessories. Check back each month to see what is on sale.

• The 8th Edition of our Miniature Machine Tools and Accessories Catalog was just printed. You can also keep up with new product introductions at or you can download a PDF copy of the new catalog at

• Get your product information at, but you can also order 24 hours a day at our new and improved e-commerce site at Both sites feature a handy “Search” function to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Shop Tip of the month:

"Old Man" Tommy Bars

Handles on your Tommy Bars give you better grip

Do the spindle bars (also known as “Tommy” bars) hurt your fingers or slip out when tightening or loosening your chuck? Here is a simple project that will give your Tommy bars not only a more professional look but also make them easier and more comfortable to use. It is also a good first project to learn to use the P/N 3004 Knurling Tool. See John Ecker’s tip plus a few other ways to approach this problem by going to

Luis Baez

Tragic accident takes life of popular Sherline foreman

 Luis Baez had been with Sherline for seventeen years

On the night of December 14th, 2007, a tragic accident claimed the life of Sherline's well liked assembly foreman Luis Baez, his wife Rubi and their two best friends who were killed when the car in which they were riding was hit head-on by a drunk driver in an SUV. Luis was born in Tijuana, Mexico where he attended high school and worked for several years. His brother noted that he learned to speak excellent English mainly by watching the only TV station they could receive at home—San Diego's channel 8. Upon receiving permission to work in the United States, Luis moved his family to North San Diego County and started with Sherline in 1990. His great mechanical aptitude, excellent leadership skills and bilingual talents made him a great choice to become foreman in charge of the assembly and shipping of all our products. He also oversaw the repair of customer machines and was familiar to many as the one who answered their technical questions on the phone. Luis was always calm and soft-spoken--one who never needed to shout to get his point across. His loss is a big one to Sherline and miniature machining. He is survived by three sons.

Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation News

On January 2nd, 2008 the San Diego Union Tribune sent a photographer and reporter to the Joe Martin Foundation Craftsmanship Museum for a story. The resulting article by Matt Rodriguez appeared on the front page of the Saturday North Inland and Coastal sections of the Union Tribune along with three photos by their talented staff photographer. It can be found on-line at They also referenced our web site address so hopefully we will soon see more visitors both on-line and at the museum located on Sherline’s factory premises. If you haven’t been to the on-line museum we hope you will visit. If you stop by the Sherline factory for a tour, plan on visiting the museum in person to see some of the amazing miniature craftsmanship in person. Scans of this and other articles about the museum can be found at