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The Model 4000 lathe (rear) is shown with the longer Model 4400 lathe (front). The chucks shown on the lathes are included in the "A" package.

When the Sherline lathe first came on the market over thirty years ago, its use of rigid, extruded components meant miniature machine tools were no longer just toys for producing simple hobby projects. They could now be considered serious machine tools built specially to produce accurate, small parts. Since then, we have not only added a vertical milling machine and extensive accessory line, we have also found ways to improve the accuracy and utility of the tools themselves. The introduction of CNC machines into our production facility has greatly improved the accuracy of Sherline tools. The lathes feature precision rolled leadscrews and handwheels graduated in thousandths of an inch (.001) or hundredths of a millimeter (.01 mm).

When used with its various accessories, Sherline lathes will perform a host of tasks. They will turn, face, bore, drill, ream, polish, cut tapers, and cut both inch and metric threads. When used with its vertical milling column attachment it can be used for milling, fly cutting, drilling, and boring operations. The machines

Sherline now offers several lathes to fit every budget and need, and they are available with either inch or millimeter calibrations. A high-torque DC motor with variable speed control is standard on each machine. This speed control is internally equipped with a converter that automatically adjusts to incoming AC current from 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 cycles/sec without loss of torque.

Choose a Lathe...

Click on the product number below for a photo, complete description and price for each machine. (Part numbers for metric machines are given in parenthesis. Price is the same for either.)  

4000 (4100) 3.5 x 8 lathe

4500 (4530) 3.5 x 8 lathe w/ adjustable zero handwheels

4400 (4410) 3.5 x 17 lathe

Lathes with digital readouts factory installed

Lathes with CNC-ready package factory installed

Lathe Specifications




Swing over bed

3.50" (90 mm)

3.50" (90 mm)

Swing over carriage

1.75" (45 mm)

1.75" (45 mm)

Distance between centers

8.00" (200 mm)

17.00" (430 mm)

Hole through spindle

.405" (10 mm)

.405" (10 mm)

Spindle nose thread

3/4"-16 T.P.I.

3/4"-16 T.P.I .

Spindle nose taper

#1 Morse

#1 Morse

Travel of crosslide

4.25" (110 mm)

4.25" (110 mm)

Tailstock spindle taper

#0 Morse

#0 Morse.

Protractor graduations

0 to 45 by 5

0 to 45 by 5

Handwheel graduations

.001" (.01 mm)

.001" (.01 mm)

Length overall

24" (610 mm)

32.25" (820 mm)

Width overall

7.5" (190 mm)

8.75" (220 mm)

Height overall

6" (150 mm)

8" (200 mm)

Shipping weight

24 lb. (10.9 kg)

30 lb. (13.6 kg)

Motor 90 volt DC with electronic speed control that accepts any incoming current from 100VAC to 240 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Click here for motor specifications.

Spindle speed range

70-2800 RPM continuously variable by electronic speed control


Save money with package deals

Lathes can now be purchased packaged with chucks and other preselected groups of accessories. See the page on PACKAGE DEALS. Save time and money by buying a package.


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