Cubify and Geomagic Design Prices


• P/N 8300—Cubify (Formerly Geomagic Design Personal)—$209

(Powerful 3D CAD parametric drawing program)

• P/N 8301—Cubify, "Sherline Edition" —$249 (A special price available to Sherline customers only.)

(Includes Advanced Import/Export program, a $249 value by itself!)

• P/N 8305—Geomagic Design Elements—$1049

(Includes drawing capability of Personal editon PLUS Part Library, Surface Rendering, Instant 2D rendering and Advanced File Import/Export)

With annual subscription: $1299.00

• P/N 8310—Geomagic Design—$2099

(Includes all above features PLUS Sheet Metal Development, Surfacing Tools, Direct Editing,  File management and more. CLICK HERE to compare Professional and Expert version features.)

With annual subscription: $2399.00

• P/N 8302—Geomagic Exchange Advanced Import/Export program—$261.50 (Included with the "Sherline Edition" of Geomagic Personal,  as well as with the Professional and Expert editions)


• Annual Maintenance Subscriptions (Includes program updates, Beta versions and phone or on-line chat technical support):

    P/N 8311—Cubify and Sherline Editions: $104 USA ($209 International)

    P/N 8312—Geomagic Design Elements: $314

    P/N 8313—Geomagic Design: $419

    (Add $100 to above prices if subscription has lapsed by more than 7 days)

• Training:

    P/N 8315—Geomagic Design Exercise Manual (PDF)—$52.50

    P/N 8316—Geomagic Design Online Training Videos—$209

    P/N 8317—Geomagic Design Web Seminar Training (per course)—$31.50

    P/N 8318—Geomagic Design Web Seminar (1 year unlimited access)—$314

    P/N 8319—Geomagic Design Training Bundle*—$419

        *Training bundle includes:

            • 15-hour, 125-lesson comprehensive video training

            • 200-page Geomagic Exercise Workbook

            • 1-year unlimited access to live, online classes

            • Product Manual (PDF)

• Upgrades:

    P/N 8320—From Cubify to Geomagic Design Elements—$944

    P/N 8321—From Geomagic Design Elements to Geomagic Design—$1154

    P/N 8322—From Cubify to Geomagic Design—$1994

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