The winning project in the 1995 N.A.M.E.S. Machinist’s Challenge was submitted by Scotty Hewitt of Van Nuys, California. This very small 4-cylinder oscillating marine engine is beautifully displayed installed in a small wooden skiff. Scotty is a former race car driver who has only recently taken up machining in his retirement and has produced the winning entry for the past 3 years in a row. He uses Sherline tools to build his projects. Unlike many machinists, Scotty doesn’t work from detailed plans. Much like an artist, he is inspired by an idea and just starts making parts until his creation looks and works the way he wants it.

Links to Sherline Accessory Instructions

You might want to bookmark this page for future reference. This is one of the most useful pages in Sherline’s very large web site!

SHERLINE Accessories

One of the things that sets Sherline apart from other machine tools is the complete instructions we have prepared on all our machines and accessories. A full color Instruction Guide comes with each machine. In addition, each accessory purchased comes with its own complete instructions when they are needed. If you are not sure how to locate the name of the accessory you are looking for, there is a cross-referenced list by useage at

Following is a list of the lathe and mill accessories. Click on any underlined accessory name to see instructions for that part. Most files are offered in your choice of .html or .pdf file types. The .html version will open like a regular web page. The .pdf files will look exactly like the printed instructions that come with each accessory. To view .pdf files you need a free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.05 or newer). It may already be on your computer, as it comes bundled with many new programs. If not, you can download it for free from Adobe’s web site at If you experience any problems downloading a .pdf file, CLICK HERE for some suggestions.

Sherline also offers a printed book called the Sherline Shop Accessories Guide that is a collection of all the instructions and help sheets we have produced. If you prefer to buy them all at once for $10 (plus shipping), you can order the book as P/N 5327. If you just want to read about a particular accessory or would prefer to print out all the instructions yourself, the following list is your gateway to a lot of excellent free machining instruction. It can be applied not only to Sherline machines, but most of the knowledge is equally applicable to machines of any size or brand.

Instructions for Using Lathe Accessories

Instructions for Using Milling Machine Accessories

Instructions for Kits

Sherline Full Size Machine Tools...

Help Sheets

A number of instructions are available on procedures for your Sherline lathe and mill. Learn about installing new gibs, changing a machine from inch to metric or vice versa, installing stepper motor mounts, adding a reversing switch to your speed control...its all there for you to read or print out. See the "Help Sheets" page.

Assembly and Instruction Guide

CLICK HERE to view the Seventh Edition of the 48-page instruction manual that comes with each Sherline lathe or mill as a PDF file. Included are exploded view parts drawings of each machine.

Replacement Parts

Sherline defines "replacement parts" as individual pieces that become part of a complete machine or accessory. Virtually any part from a Sherline machine or accessory is available with the exception of some obsolete motors and accessories that have not been offered for many years. Generally, accessories have a 4-digit part number, and replacement parts have a 5-digit part number. A list of accessories can be found below. If you need to replace individual parts on a machine or accessory, click on the following link to view a list of available parts.


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